Zoho Writer is a free, Cloud-Based, and Next-generation word processor.

Zoho writer is a powerful online word processor tool that lets you create, edit, review, and publish your documents from anywhere, on any device.

It offers a clean, user-friendly interface that helps users to use all the Zoho writer functionalities without any training and to provide a better documentation experience.

Zoho Writer is the best fit for startups, medium scale, and large-scale businesses. It also helps individuals who wish to edit documentation professionally or to share it with their teams.

Zoho writer is made affordable by Zoho corporation for companies with globally decentralized teams and it offers powerful integrations enable users easier to use.

Zoho Writer is incredibly powerful and it is used by many global companies. It saves your time and reduce internal communication expenses.

ZIA – AI Enabled writing assistant helps you with grammar check, sentence formatting and style editor.

Here the features of Zoho writer below

  • Storage – You can save your documents to Zoho Docs and share it with your teams whenever it is required.
  • Mobile Access – It is truly a mobile-friendly app that helps you to access from any device.
  • Version Syncing – It maintains version synching and auto-saves the document edits.
  • Safe Sharing – You can share the documents with your teams securely by assigning the right access level
  • Documents – You can create folders and save documents as required.
  • Online Collaboration – It enables us to work with our team collaboratively and seamlessly.
  • Group Editing – It offers group editing.
  • Group Management
  • Security Policies
  • Integrations

You can securely share the document with anybody by imposing certain file permissions like read only, read & write, co-owner and read/fill/comment options.

We can also track engagement insights that help you to understand how much time one particular user spent on a particular doc and each page is wise.

If you wish to try it, You can try it for free – https://bit.ly/TryZohoWorkplaceNow

For any queries, please reach out to team@unlockthenxt.com

Thank you all and have a great time ahead.

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